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Unacceptable Behaviour

We have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse and violence and take your safety very seriously.

We recognise that violence associated with online dating is on the increase and want to do all we can to keep our members out of harm's way. We want you to remember the following and report any members who behave in any of the following ways;

  • Use threatening or actual physical or verbal abuse
  • Use any form of harassment or bullying
  • Discriminate against others based on race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation
  • Use rude, lewd, or offensive language
  • Appear to have managed to set up a fake profile
  • Use our services to ask you for money or financial help

To report any of the above activities simply click the "report" link underneath the member's profile and our Customer Service representatives will review the reported members activity records on our site.

If any of the above behaviours have been displayed we will immediately contact the member and cancel their membership.